About Us
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About Us

Our Team

Established in 2019, we have a story to tell but we are still going strong. Our team of wallpaper installers is inspired and driven to make people’s visions come to life as far as their walls are concerned. With a wealth of experience over 5 years in the industry, everyday counts as training while delivering excellence. We pride and get satisfaction in delivering masterclass workmanship.


Why not add a splash of tropical colour to your lounge decor with a tropical inspired wallpaper

Our Work

      • Our work is everything to do with wallpaper. We are skilled and experienced installing all types of wallpaper. From off the shelf wallpaper to custom design wallpaper.
      • We are also into designing and printing custom design wallpaper unique to your walls. – wide variety to choose from.
      • We work with house owners, interior designers, corporates and companies, other wallpaper retailers as well as other printing and designing companies – we offer consistent quality results hence we are trusted and relied upon.

Our Pillars

      • Professionalism (we conduct ourselves with respect,integrity cemented with solid teamwork)
      • Collaboration (Our approach is to have you involved and answered through the entire process – on call anytime)
      • Excellence (we are committed to meet and surpass your expectations)

Our commitment

Quality guaranteed 

You deserve to treat yourself to an interior as beautiful as you are.

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